Art and eco-friendliness: Liquitex recycled canvas on frame

Art has always been a way of expressing oneself and sharing one’s world with others. In recent decades, there has also been a growing focus on the imprint we leave on the world through our creations. Environmental awareness and sustainability have become major themes in the art world, and artists are constantly looking for ways to express their creativity while adhering to responsible practices.

Liquitex Recycled Canvas on wood frame is the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious artist, combining quality and responsibility. This canvas is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, making it not only high quality but also an environmentally friendly choice for both acrylic and oil paints. Fabric made from plastic bottles is slightly heavier than cotton canvas, and many of the artists who carried out the blind testing preferred Liquitex canvas to other cotton canvases because of this feature. The triple-primed surface with a high pigment titanium dioxide gesso primer also ensures brightness and even coverage of the applied colours.


The frame of the canvas is made of FSC-certified pine wood, thus the result of responsible forestry. The frame is 19 mm thick, ensuring stability and durability. Liquitex Recycled Canvas on wood frame unites artists who share environmentally friendly values, calling for the creation of beauty without harming the planet.

By choosing a canvas made from recycled plastic bottles, you’re helping to keep our oceans and landfills plastic-free. At the same time, reusing bottles saves natural resources. It’s a choice that combines quality, durability and eco-friendliness, allowing artists to express themselves in a sustainable and uncompromising way.

PS! The canvas packaging is also environmentally friendly and consciously produced. The cardboard in the corner of the canvas, as well as the film that surrounds it, is made from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable. You can recycle the film and cardboard by throwing them in the appropriate sorting containers.