It was a mini book created by three women who were fascinated by masking tape. It was filled with fantastically designed features, clearing away our concept that masking tape is a typical product for an industrial use. Kamoi was deeply impressed by them and started development of mt to meet their request to make “masking tapes of different new colors.” mt tape with twenty different colors like color pencils was completed as a result of repeated try and error.

It is produced at a dedicated factory of masking tape at which industrial masking tape was made to be used for painting of building, cars and furniture. Unique Japanese masking tape made of Washi paper is strong while being extremely thin compared with those made in other countries. It has an excellent adhesiveness and it was well-received world-wide as it can be removed easily without leaving a trace.

It has been long since mt tape started to apply traditional Japanese patters, works of world-famous artists and fine designs to industrial masking tape, typically used in construction and painting, to color peoples lives. “mt” continues to evolve by offering impressive styles without concessions on mt’s design, printing and adhesive quality to touch people’s hearts. Kamoi is delighted for mt to win the hearts of people. The delight will keep mt pushing the boundaries of artistic masking tape. mt tape have continued much unique collaboration with brands and artists who are loved worldwide. Each time wonderful and creative works are encountered, mt also continues to evolve beyond the barrier of expressions.



Almost one century has passed since Kamoi started as a company producing fly catch paper.

The founder, Toshiro Kamoi, established “Kamoi Fly Catch Paper Works”.
The product was named “Kamoi’s Haitori-gami (fly catch paper)” (flat type) and the trademark was decided to be a “rising sun” when delivering products to the market.
The following year, Kamoi started exports to Southern Asian areas and North and South America, in addition to Korea, Manchuria, and Taiwan.

Completed the headquarters building
A ribbon type fly catch paper was developed and released it under name of “Kamoi’s Ribbon Haitori-gami (fly catch paper)”.

1933 – 1952
“Kirimetsu” was developed, a liquid insecticide using pyrethrin drug products.
Great boom in the liquid insecticide was created under the trademark “Gekiretsu Messhi (drastic perishing)”.
“Kirimetsu” and a new drug product, “BHC”, was developed and manufactured in addition to “Flat” and “Ribbon” fly catch paper. “Kamoi’s Big Four Insecticides” were well received.

1961 – 2003
The Tomii factory was established and started production of paper adhesive tape.
After that, a variety of tape utilizing Kamoi’s adhesive technologies was released, including “craft adhesive tape” using craft paper as a base material, a long seller product “Kamoi’s sealing tape”, “heat resistive tape for painting” using crape paper as a base material, and “Kabuki”, a new masking tape for automobiles.

Masking tape “mt” was created for stationery and chandlery.


Thanks to the support of customers, mt products and exhibitions have been awarded many times worldwide. The world of mt has been expanding continuously as mt has been taking up new challenges always to pursue new ways of representation, to employ new printing technologies on Washi tape and to display in the exhibitions representations of new ideas utilizing space and mt.


mt-masking tape – Good Design Award 2008 (Japan)
mt ex Tokyo – D&AD Awards 2010 Silver Award (UK)
mt wrap – Design Plus 2011 Winner (Germany)
mt slim – Japan Stationery Award 2011 Grand Prix, Design Plus 2012 Winner (Germany)
mt expo,mt ex Hiroshima – One Show Design 2012 Silver Award (USA)
mt ex Hiroshima, mt Train – red dot award communication design 2012 Winner (Germany)
mt ex Taipei – Spikes Asia 2012 Grand Prix
Kamoi museum – ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture 2012 (UK)
mt ex Sendai – Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2013 Design Lions Gold Lion (France)

mt-okotestIn Japan, “mt” satisfies the standards of The Japanese Food Sanitation Act, meaning that “mt” is as safe as “ORIGAMI” paper with which children play. This is the reason that mt has been rated excellent by an authoritative German magazine, “OCO-TEST,” for product testing.
mt is delivered from an ISO144001-certified quality factory in Japan to the world with pride and responsibility.